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Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Number of Recalls In The Pet Food Marketplace Since 2005

and counting

  • See A Full List of Recalled Brands Here

    American Bullie
    American Nutrition
    Bailey’s Choice
    Beef Hooves
    Berkley & Jensen
    Blue Buffalo
    Blue Wilderness
    Boots & Barkley
    Canine Caviar
    Catswell Brand Vitakitty
    Charlee Bear
    Claudia’s Canine
    Country Value
    Creekside Lifestages Horse Pellet
    Dick Van Patten’s
    Diggin’ Your Dog
    Dog treats
    Dollar General
    Equine One
    Family Farm Complete Horse 10
    Feed Mixes
    Feline’s Pride
    Frozen Reptile Feed
    Good Buddy
    Grain Mix
    Grandpa Louie’s Dog Treats
    Gravy Train
    Happy Tails
    Harmony Farms
    Hartz Naturals
    Hill Country Fare
    Hoof & Coat for Horses
    Jerky Treats
    Kirkland Signature Premium
    LI’L RED
    Mill Creek Premium
    Milo’s Kitchen
    Mulligan Stew
    Natura Pet
    Natural Balance
    Natural Way
    Nature’s Deli
    Nature’s Recipe
    Nature’s Variety
    Next Generation Pet Products
    Northwest Royal
    Nutra Nugget
    NUTRO / Natural Choice
    Ol’ Roy
    Perfect Pals
    Pet Life
    Pig Ears for Pet Treats
    Planet Dog Eats
    Pork Chomps
    Premium Edge
    Premium Natural
    Premium Smarty
    Prescription Diet
    Primal Pet Foods
    Producer’s Pride
    River Run
    Royal Canin
    Sensible Choice
    Solid Gold WolfKing
    Southern States
    Spa Select
    Springfield Prize
    Steve’s Real Food
    Timberwolf Organics
    VF Hairball
    Western Family
    Wild Kitty
    Wsi Pride
    Your True Companion

Life's Abundance has never been recalled!

Many consumers place ‘blind faith’ in the pet food industry. The general consensus is that if a food is on the store shelf, it must be nutritious and safe. But the sad reality is that many pet products (including food and treats) are routinely recalled, but not before there have been dreadful consequences.

Life's Abundance was started in 1999 and has never had a single recall. To this day Life's Abundance remains a small, private company that still uses a hands on Veterinarian formulator. Life's Abundance pet foods are the careful creation of holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks and are proudly made in the USA. To learn more about Dr. Bicks' amazing level of expertise, please continue down this page to read her stellar biography.

Meet The Formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks DVM

Since we opened our doors for business over a decade ago, Dr. Jane has formulated cutting-edge products to help improve the health and longevity of companion animals. We’re honored to have Dr. Jane on our team, creating all of our nutritious pet foods, treats, supplements and care products.

  • Click Here To Read Dr. Bicks Full Bio

    Dr. Jane served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City and has been honored many times by her own veterinary profession. Among her many awards and acclamations are the Outstanding Service to Veterinary Medicine Award, three Presidential Citations, The Morris Animal Foundation (supporting the continuance of Diane Fosse's Lowland gorilla Project and studies of all animals), and the Veterinary Medical Society's Merit Award. Dr. Jane has also been involved with many Advisory boards including the Advisory Board of the Cornell University Feline Healthy Center, Canine Companions for Independence and Pet Owners with AIDs/ARC Resource Services assisting stricken individuals so they may keep their beloved pets in their time of greatest need. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Florida Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary nutritional Association.

    She has been associated with the ASPCA, Bide-A-Wee Home, St. Hubert's, the American Humane Society and various regional and national animal shelters and rescue services.

    Since the early 1980's Dr. Jane has authored three national books promoting the responsible care and treatment of pets. Her books include Revolution in Cat Nutrition (Rawson Associates, New York, 1986), Dr. Jane's Thirty Days to a Healthier, Happier Cat (Berkley Publishing, New York, 1997), and Dr. Jane's Guide to a Healthier Happier Dog (Berkley Publishing, New York, 1999). She is currently writing another pet book. She has been the dog columnist, cat columnist and for the last 7 years natural product columnist for the highly recognized magazine “Pet Business”.

    In addition Dr. Jane has appeared as a veterinary expert on CBS's 48 hours, ABC's Good Morning America, Fox's Good Morning New York, WNET's romper Room and Reading Rainbow, CNN, PBS. Lifetime, The Discovery Channel, TV Food Network and numerous radio stations including WABC/NY, WNBC, WNYC, WQXR and National Public Radio. Animal Planet’s early days included Dr. Jane as the veterinary expert in frequent segments regarding all types of animals.

    Dr. Jane is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Parma, Italy.

Help support less fortunate animals with every purchase of Life's Abundance pet products

Helping companion animals to lead healthier, longer and happier lives is not just our company commitment … it’s our personal mission. That’s why we have worked very hard to not only provide the best, health-promoting products, we have also established a foundation to help improve the lives of abandoned companion animals all across the U.S. The Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation is a non-profit organization absolutely committed to supporting a variety of animal rescue groups, all of which are dedicated to helping to rescue neglected and unwanted animals.

Every time you purchase a Life's Abundance product, a portion of the profits are contributed to a fund that supports the operations of this organization. Thank you so much for your continued business! Together, we’re making a positive difference in the world, one animal at a time.

Choose From 5 Varieties of Healthy Foods

  • Dog Food

    For All Stages of Life
    Calculate My Cost

    Chicken Meal, Flaxseed, Fish Meal, Carrots, Spinach, Ground Brown Rice, Celery, Blueberries, Pomegranate Extract, Antioxidants, Live Probiotics, Chelated Minerals

    We use a “fast-cook” process to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient. Our kibble is smaller than a dime. Perfect for any size breed.

    • Delivered Fresh To You
    • Made In The USA
    • Guaranteed Probiotics
    • Guaranteed Amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E
    • No Corn or Wheat
    • No By Products
    • No Artificial Preservatives
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  • Cat Food

    For All Stages of Life
    Calculate My Cost

    Chicken Meal, Egg, CatFish Meal, Flaxseed Meal, Turkey Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Alfalfa Sprout, Dog Grass Extract, Antioxidants, Live Probiotics, Chelated Minerals

    Veterinarian formulated with select ingredients to help your cat achieve optimum health. Each Kibble is triangle shaped with a center hole for superior mouth feel & palatability.

    • Delivered Fresh To You
    • Made In The USA
    • Guaranteed Probiotics
    • Guaranteed Amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E
    • No Corn or Wheat
    • No By Products
    • No Artificial Preservatives
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  • Puppy Food

    For Small Breed Dogs
    Calculate My Cost

    Chicken Meal, Salmon Meal, Herring Meal, Duck Meal, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Spinach, Cranberries, Blueberries, Pomegranate Extract, Live Probiotics, Chelated Minerals

    Each perfectly sized, nutrient-packed kibble delivers a precise balance of proteins, fats and other ingredients to support a puppy’s high energy level and healthy development.

    • Delivered Fresh To You
    • Made In The USA
    • Guaranteed Probiotics
    • Guaranteed Amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E
    • No Corn or Wheat
    • No By Products
    • No Artificial Preservatives
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  • Puppy Food

    For Large Breed Dogs
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    Chicken Meal, Salmon Meal, Herring Meal, Duck Meal, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Field Peas, Spinach, Blueberries, Pomegranate Extract, Live Probiotics, Chelated Minerals

    Contains a precise balance of protein, calories, calcium and phosphorus to encourage healthy, controlled growth rates and aid in the development of strong teeth and bones.

    • Delivered Fresh To You
    • Made In The USA
    • Guaranteed Probiotics
    • Guaranteed Amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E
    • No Corn or Wheat
    • No By Products
    • No Artificial Preservatives
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  • Weight Loss

    For Overweight Dogs
    Calculate My Cost

    Chicken Meal, Egg, Brown Rice, Catfish Meal, Flaxseed Meal, Carrots, Brown Rice, Blueberries, Broccoli, Pomegranate Extract, Spinach, Antioxidants, Live Probiotics, Chelated Minerals

    This precise diet is veterinarian-formulated to help your dog lose weight and maintain optimum health while providing high quality proteins for building lean muscle tissue.

    • Delivered Fresh To You
    • Made In The USA
    • Guaranteed Probiotics
    • Guaranteed Amounts of Vitamins A, C, and E
    • No Corn or Wheat
    • No By Products
    • No Artificial Preservatives
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Healthy Treats, Supplements, and Pet Care Products

  • Treats

    For Dogs For Cats
  • Supplements

    For Dogs For Cats
  • Dental Care

    For Dogs
  • Pet Care

    For Dogs For Cats
  • Cleaning

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  • Life's Abundance has everything your dog or cat needs to stay healthy and happy. With more than 60 healthful products to choose from, you'll never have to buy store bought food, treats, supplements, or pet care products again. You can feel safe in knowing you're giving your pet the best!

Watch Our Videos And Reveal The Best Kept Secret In Pet Nutrition

Why Life's Abundance?

Pioneers For Pet Health

Putting A Premium On Pet Health

Premium Ingredients

Abundant Nutrition For Life

Fresh And Fast

Putting Customers First

Safety Is Our Primary Objective

How Does Life's Abundance Compare To My Current Pet Food?

Costs Per Month $16.55
# of cups to feed 1
# days food will last 80
# weeks food will last 11.4
All For Less Than The Cost Of An Apple
Error. Use smaller weight.

Things To Consider Before Your Next Trip To The Pet Store!

  • How is Your Pet Food Sold ?

    This may not appear to be important on the surface but it is vitally important in knowing whether or not you are buying a quality product. Most pet foods are sold through either grocery or pet food stores. This presents a few challenges that cannot be overlooked.

    Competition for Shelf Space and Low Price – Ever wonder why there are so many varieties of pet foods from the same pet food manufacturer – small kibble, large chunk, medium breed, active lifestyle, indoor cat, etc, etc… Could it be that the more varieties a pet food company has, the more shelf space they can dominate and catch your eye? This kind of fierce competition also creates price wars which may cause corners to be cut on ingredient quality.

    Inadequate Education – Buying your pet food from a store oftentimes leaves you just as much “in the dark” about your choices as when you walked in. Can you really expect a retail store to offer an expert analysis on all of the pet foods they carry? Most of the time you are directed to the food that is on sale or the one that most people are buying.

    Outdated Food– Try this simple test. Go to any pet store and start checking expiration dates on the bags of pet food. Chances are you will find many pet foods that are set to expire in the near future. You will also notice that most every pet food has a two year shelf life. Why is that? Does this mean that pet food companies are expecting their foods to be on the market two full years before they are purchased? Would you rather buy a fresh bag of food or one that is two years old?

    Life’s Abundance is NOT sold in stores and therefore is not subject to the dictates of the commercial market place. We only make the best formula’s for your pet, price it accordingly, and educate our customers through websites, DVD’s, conference calls with Dr. Jane Bicks, newsletters and an educated sales force. We also deliver the freshest product in the industry which provides higher nutrition, and safety.

  • Who Makes Your Pet's Food?

    You might be surprised to learn who is in the Pet Food Business today. The same companies that make many of your household items like toothpaste, potato chips, laundry detergent, and more, are also making the majority of pet foods in the commercial marketplace. Here is a small list for you to be aware of…

    Proctor and Gamble – Iams and Eukanuba

    Colgate/Palmolive – Science Diet

    Del Monte – Gravy Train, Natures Recipe, Kibbles and Bits

    Diamond – Kirkland, Chicken Soup, Nutra Gold, and many others

    Nestle - Purina products

    Mars – Royal Canin, Pedigree, Sensible Choice

    Although there is nothing particularly wrong with the fact that these large companies are now in the pet food business, the real consideration is whether or not you choose to purchase your pet’s food from a company whose primary focus is not pet food vs. a company whose primary focus is pet food. The question simply boils down to, who do you trust to feed your pet?

    Life’s Abundance pet foods are the careful creation of renowned formulator and Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks, whose primary focus is pet health and nutrition. She is the author of three books on pet care and nutrition and has served on professional boards including the Cornell Feline Health Center. Dr. Jane served as the President of the Veterinary Medical Association in NYC and was appointed by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to help start one of the largest animal shelters in the United States. She has also appeared on many network television and cable programs and numerous radio stations as a veterinary expert.

    Dr. Jane is dedicated to the creation and advancement of the purest pet products she can make and has a mission to help pets live a longer, healthier, happier life. Her food is carefully made every couple of days and is quickly and carefully shipped to your home within weeks of manufacturing. The ingredients are routinely inspected for safety and are purchased from strict, reliably consistent sources.

  • Why Are There So Many Varieties To Choose From?

    Have you ever asked yourself, "If pet food companies are concerned about providing the best nutrition possible, why do they make differently priced products?

    That's a fair question and one that deserves a fair answer.​

    If two foods that are made by the same company are marketed and sold as 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for your pet, yet one is more expensive than the other, what's the difference?​ If both pet foods are of equal quality there is no need to spend money on the higher priced food, right? But if both pet foods are not of the same quality, then we have to question the nutritional benefits of each food!

    Life’s Abundance pet foods only come in one variety – The Best We Can Make. While we understand most people want to watch their budgets and not spend more than is necessary, we also understand that you get what you pay for. Most people never consider that buying cheaper foods can lead to more expenses down the road with regard to vet costs, nutritionally related ailments, and shortened life spans. They may also not realize that it often takes twice the servings of a cheaper food to equal one serving of Life's Abundance, which eliminates any perceived cost benefit.​

    Our philosophy is simple, people who love their pets want to feed what is best, not what is cheapest!

Learn About Life's Abundance Superior Ingredients

What Is Chicken Meal?

Taken from the breast and thigh. Never any by-products

Why Don't We Use Beef?

Beef is not a consideration as an ingredient because of potential allergies and mad cow disease.

What Is Egg Product?

Eggs are a complete protein source, providing essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, B, E, K, Biotin, and Sulfur).

What Is Fish Meal?

Our farm raised fish has won environmetal awards and provides natural DHA and EPA, the most important of all the omega-3 fatty acids.

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Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

  • My Chinese Shar-Pei had terrible allergies, ear infections, and always had terrible body odor accompanied by an oily residue on his fur. After many expensive visits to the vet, as well as having him on prescription dog food and several kinds of medications and prescription shampoos, I finally called a breeder for advice. She recommended switching his food to Life's Abundance. After just a few days strictly on Life's Abundance, his allergies cleared up, and his body odor and the oily residue he would leave behind went away immediately. It was AMAZING!!! I was also able to take him off of all the medications he was on! I am happy to say that he is now more energetic, and healthier.
    N California
  • Moira
    Violet, our Calico kitten, came to us still on heavy antibiotics from a skull fracture and abscess. Her coat was waxy and her skin was tacky from being on medication for so many months. Within weeks of being on Life's Abundance, her coat was sleek, her skin clear, the wound quickly healed, and she's been 100% ever since.
  • All I can say is WOW, DOUBLE WOW, and TRIPLE WOW! I raise German Shepherds and my 16 year girl was in relatively good health but was limited in taking long walks. I was not expecting such HUGE results. There is such a tremendous difference in her. I only wish I had taken "before and after" pictures so you could see what I've seen.
    New York
  • Jennifer
    My Rottweiler pup did great on the All life stages dry dog food. She also Loved every single Treat and supplement I gave her. Our favorite Product was the Porky Puffs, She was so content to have one to chew and I never worried about her digestive system as they are completely safe and I also like that they do not stain the floors or rugs. Now we have a Lhasa Apso puppy and It's great that I can feed all my dogs, both Big and small from the same food bag. The kibble size is perfect for big and small teeth.
  • My 2 cats Bond and Bailey have been raised on Life's Abundance since we rescued them at 3 weeks of age. They are now 6, full of life, beautiful coats and still play as they did when we first got them. Their food dish can only be empty for a few moments before I hear them cry for me to fill it up.
    New York

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my pet like Life's Abundance?

    Most dogs and cats go crazy for the flavor, freshness, and kibbles size of Life's Abundance. In fact, many pets will no longer eat their former food once they try Life's Abundance for the first time. On the rare occasion that a pet will not eat Life's Abundance, there is a full money back guarantee as shown below.

    There is one final thing that is important to note.​ All pet parents should choose a food that is not only flavorful but nutritious. Nutrition being the first consideration. People can read labels but pets cannot! Make sure you are making the best choice for your beloved pet.

  • How quickly can I switch my pet over to Life's Abundance?

    It depends on your pet. Some pets have no problem eating anything new while others seem to be more sensitive. If you feel you have a sensitive pet, we recommend switching to Life's Abundance over a 10 day period.

    Also, keep in mind that Life's Abundance contains live probiotics which often helps greatly in the transition process. Probiotics are great for settling the stomach and aiding in digestion.

  • Does Life's Abundance Use All Organic Ingredients?

    Answer provided by Dr. Bicks:

    I would love to have an all organic food as long as it fit my mission statement. My mission is to formulate and produce food with the best nutrition I can give to a dog and cat.

    Unfortunately, organic meats are still hard to come by. Just go to your supermarket and you will see the small section of organic meats. The price is high because there simply are not enough organic meats produced yet.

    I can’t find enough HIGH QUALITY organic meats for my formula every week. (We sell millions of pounds of food). You see, the best cuts of the organic meats go to the supermarkets and health food stores. The left overs (the trims) can be used for pet food. While the meat would be organic it would be the “throw away” parts such as the tendons, ligaments, and viscera. Muscle meat and organ meat deliver optimum nutrition, not the later. Using organic meats today would violate my mission statement.

    If you look at the label of organic foods you will notice that they contain large amounts of carbohydrates. While I believe that carbohydrates are necessary in a well formulated diet, the organic foods use more than I deem acceptable. They have to use carbohydrates to keep the cost down and to add some protein (carbohydrates have protein) because they can’t get enough meat protein.

    I must have a fixed formula which means that the ingredients (type, amount) will never vary from bag to bag or can to can. Many dogs and cats will get GI upsets if amounts or types of ingredients change. Organic foods have non fixed formulas because they have to take what they can get.

    I understand the importance of organic ingredients and embrace it. If you look at my Instinctive Choice you will see that I have a portion of organic chicken. Unfortunately there is not very much CONSISTENT organic chicken to use and unfortunately not enough for my entire formula.


    My mission is to give the dog and cat the best nutrition I know how to. Using organic ingredients would be a plus, above and beyond the excellent nutrition. It will take a few more years before organic becomes more available.

  • What is an "All Stage of Life" pet food?

    Life’s Abundance is known as an "ALL STAGE" formula, therefore, it is good for Puppies/Kittens, Adults, and Seniors.

    It is formulated to provide 100% complete nutrition for all life stages in accordance with AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials). Our formula has all the correct percentages of Protein, Fat, and Fiber, as well as the correct ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus needed for healthy development.

    Although many companies choose to make separate formulas just for puppies/kittens, it is because they also choose to not make an all stage formula. In my opinion, this is done mainly to increase their product variety which helps them dominate more shelf space at the local pet store. More shelf space means more exposure! And, since Life’s Abundance is sold direct to the consumer to maintain freshness and safety, we don’t need a bunch of different bags and labels just to get noticed.

  • Is Life's Abundance grain free?

    Life's Abundance uses brown rice and oat groats in our food. We have a great audio which will help explain why Dr. Jane Bicks chooses these nutritious ingredients rather than go "grain free". Please take a moment to listen to it.

    Listen to this audio as Dr. Bicks answers the question, "Are Grains Bad?" In short, they are not.​

    Basically, all food have some form of carbohydrate in their formula. It is critical for the health of your pet. Life's Abundance uses brown rice and oat groats to obtain those carbs. What does your pet food use? If you're feeding a no grain food, hopefully it is coming from a vegetable source.

    Additionally, Life's Abundance never has and never will use corn, wheat, or soy in their formula's. These are typically the grains that most people are concerned with as they are known allergens and are often hard to digest.

    Of course, looking at an ingredient label is only half the battle. As you will hear in the audio by Dr. Bicks, the digestibility of the ingredients has much to do with how well it was cooked. That is something you won't find on a label.

    I am glad to see that you are a concerned pet parent and want to do what is best for your pet. However, before you decide to follow the latest trend of "no grain" foods, be sure you are buying from a company you can trust.

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